Why You Should Eat At: Rub Smokehouse, Nottingham

I recently ventured over to Nottingham, and found myself eating at Rub Smokehouse. Having been once before, I was more than eager to sample their impressive menu again. I follow them on Facebook, and barely a day goes by that I am not made hungry by their photos of giant plates of delicious food.

In particular, their latest creation of “The Mexican Wall Pizza” had caught my eye. A giant pizza loaded with slider burgers, chicken wings, and shaved rib-eye steak, divided by a wall of nachos topped with cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. I shared this with two others, and we added on some sides of fries, rice and deep fried macaroni cheese.

These dishes are a fraction of the wonderful delights on offer at this restaurant, a truly marvellous place for making all your food related dreams come true!

We found this more than enough between the three of us, and had to rest before having dessert! Unfortunately, when we did order our desserts they took quite a while to arrive, and as we had plans after the meal we were forced to rush eating them. Even more unfortunate was that not one of us got what we ordered. I intended to have an Oreo Black Forest Croizzone (a cross between a croissant and calzone). One of my friends ordered the Reese’s Peanut Butter Croizzone, and the other ordered a Brownie Heaven Sausage Roll.

The first problem was that after waiting a while we were informed that they had ran out of the brownie sausage rolls. As we were pushed for time, we cancelled that dessert and shared the two between us. The second problem was that the other two desserts got mixed up and we ended up with the wrong fillings in our Croizzones. I’m sure if we had said something, the lovely people at Rub would have sorted it out, but by that time we were eager to pay the bill and head off. Despite the mix-up, the food was delicious from beginning to end.

The decor of the place is colourful and inviting, setting the scene of an American Diner. There’s plenty to look at, and seating-wise there was a choice of a booth or a table with plastic chairs, much like the ones I remember from my primary school dinner hall.

Having recently seen the Nugzilla Challenge (an attempt to eat a massive chicken nugget in under 10 minutes) added to their menu, I am more than tempted to pay them another visit soon…


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